I make my bed everyday. WTF is that about?

When thinking of a name for my blog I initially wanted it to be philosophical and smart. Conceptually wow! But I am too traumatised at this point to even go down the road of brainstorming and playing with words. Being a creative at heart, it’s a relatively easy process for me, but I just couldn’t muster the energy and will to do that.

Having had my relationship just end, I find myself being emotionally defeated and rather dysfunctional. So brainstorming a name certainly wasn’t going to happen. I am currently in state of trauma and sadness, and the emotional and psychological impact of being heartbroken simply debilitates me.

Despite this current state of affairs, I bizarrely realised that the one thing I do every day without question is make my bed. It’s not as if I grew up with parents who demanded, nagged or made a big thing about making one’s bed. It wasn’t a chore either. It just wasn’t a thing. So, I don’t know where this autonomic action within me comes, or where it even started.

I do like to find order amidst chaos. I know when I’m stressed with work, or something is bothering me, or I’m frustrated or angry, my immediate physical response is to clean, to order things. I pack shelves, clean the kitchen, sweep leaves off the paving, re-order and pack Tupperware as examples.

I find life in general quite overwhelming. Adulting is hard. Responsibility is taxing. Social interaction is draining. Sometimes I wake up and really just don’t want to do the things that are in my diary – the meetings and interactions that are required for the day sometimes fill me with dread and peak my anxiety before the day has even started. So, I think I just make my bed to try and gain some order and control for what lies ahead. Which quite frankly, is generally chaos.

I started browsing the web to see what snippets of information came up about making your bed…

‘According to Naval Admiral William McRaven, author of the book Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…and Maybe the World, if you start your day by making your bed, that means you can go ahead with the rest of your day knowing that you’ve already accomplished something.’

That I can relate to.

Then I found this, which is completely in reverse based on my personality, ‘people who make their beds tend to be adventurous, confident, sociable and high-maintenance. Meanwhile, people who don’t make their beds tend to be shy, moody, curious and sarcastic.’ .

The article carries on to say ‘bed-makers tend to be morning people who rise without alarm clocks. They’re likely to work in health or technology-related fields. Those who don’t make their beds, on the other hand, tend to be night owls prone to hitting the snooze button. They tend to work in business or finance.’ I don’t fit this bed-maker profile either. I’m the night owl and the snooze button guy. I haven’t been a morning person since I was born. I find the morning to be quite rude and obnoxious.

So, I don’t have this philosophically amazing response to my own question. I just make my bed. It sub-consciously provides a bit of order for the day and relieves, I think a little anxiety for the day. I do it automatically. No thinking required even on the worst of days. Weird.

Based on what making my bed represents to me, I found it to be a fine, fitting name for my blog and the content I intend to share.

I do hate folding fitted sheets though!