Tonight is the night 

I want to stop my breath

To give up and be done with this place

Pass on

It has to be better than having to feel this pain





In my chest I cannot find the air to breathe 

My lungs drowning in my tears

My body aching in the void it feels 

My heart a wound with no more blood to flow

My life with you in boxes 

So thoughtfully pre-packed to load in my car 

I hate myself more than I hate you 

I don’t know which way to go 

If I had a gun I think that would be best 

Pills seem to be gentlest 

A noose around my neck 

Jumping is the other alternative 

Gently push my razor blade into my wrists and bleed out to feel no more breath

Tonight is dark

Pain, so much pain

I’m at my worst and it’s time to go 

I can’t do this again

These things called life and love 

I want to go 

For if I’m gone 

There’s no need to be brave 

No need to carry on 

Face the loss of you 

Feel the hurt caused by you 

Admit the failure that you make me feel I am 

I want the gun because it will be quick 

I think of my mom who will have to find me 

I need the pills because that will be the kindest 

I cannot fail at this too 

It needs to be for the long run 

I want to pass on and be done

The girls will be fine

Their mother was the last one who brought me to this place 

Can someone please help me 

I want to be done

Fuck man, I want to be done